10th Annual Surrender the Booty Boat Competition

10th Annual

Surrender the Booty Boat Competition

Saturday August 18, 2018

Official Code of Conduct

-All materials used to build the hull, and support structure related to the hull, along with the oars used for propulsion must be supplied by the Pirate Council.


-Materials provided to each team include 1 & ½ sheets of triple wall cardboard, 1 roll of duct tape, and a fully constructed paddle ready to use. This material will not sink if construction is done well!


- Pirate Council will also provide 1 white flag and fabric markers to design your boat’s flag as well as your own Official Crew’s Booty!


- Any materials used above the basic floatation structure that provides additional size, fearsome appearance, armaments or use of wind power will be provided by the crews.


- The material provided by the Pirate Council will be distributed to boat crews Friday at 4:00pm at the Admiral’s storage facility (Larry’s Garage).


- Construction of the vessels will commence immediately and at a frantic pace to be completed by Saturday afternoon!

- Each crew MUST have at least 1 female rower!


- All Crews will be awarded points for mastery of the “Seven Tenets of Piracy” throughout the weekend from impartial “Secret” Judges until Saturday at 3:00pm.


1. Team Spirit during construction (up to 20 points)

2. Drunken party for Villagers (up to 10 points)

3. Original Team Name (up to 10 points)

4. Plundering (stealing of the Official Crew Booty) (up to 20 points) **NEW**

5. Team Uniforms (or lack thereof…) (up to 10 points)

6. Original Ship Flag (up to 10 points) **NEW**

7. Most Creative (up to 25 points)


**NEW** Each boat crew will hide the provided “Booty” somewhere outside on the lot they are building their boats and hosting hordes of drunken Villagers. The Official Crew Booty can be stolen by other crews, traded for materials, etc. Bring all Official Crew Booty in your possession to the beginning of the races!!


Every Villager will be provided with voting treasure during Saturday’s festivities. The Villagers will place their loot into the treasure chest of the crew they believe to have mastered the 7 tenets of Piracy! Remember to bribe the Villagers!

-          Teams will flaunt their skills on the high seas beginning at 2:45pm when a canon shot will signal to all crews to assemble in front of Lot 3&4 for a ceremonious entry.

-          Each team will enter to their theme song, be introduced, and prepare for battle!




First Race – Women’s Race (1 lap)      Second Race – Men’s Race (1 lap)

1st place, 30 points                              1st place, 20 points

 2nd place, 27 points                             2nd place, 17 points

3rd place, 24 points                              3rd place, 14 points

4th place, 21 points                              4th place, 11 points

5th place, 18 points                              5th place, 8 points

6th place, 15 points                              6th place, 5 points

Third Race – Timed Relay

4 rowers to row across the pond, exchanging rowers on shore…. So across & back, across & back. This true test of Pirate Skill starts in front of the Cottage, throwing down a shot, putting on your pirate hat & eye patch, then your life jacket (provided by the Pirate Council) rowing across (short distance) exchanging rowers, throwing down a shot, putting on your pirate hat & eye patch, then your life jacket, heading back to the cottage, across again, repeat, and back to Cottage Shoreline. THESE will be run one boat at a time!

Fastest Time, 20 points             4th best time, 11 points

2nd best time, 17 points              5th best time, 8 points

3rd best time, 14 points               6th best time, 5 points




The Marauder’s Mayhem is Pirate Warfare on the high seas!

For the final test of Piracy, each boat crew will put forth their best Pirate! Each boat’s flag MUST be attached to the exterior of the boat within 1’ of the outside of the boat, and within 1’ of the waterline. All boats will enter the sea and spread out. At the sound of the whistle, each Pirate must collect as many surrendering boats’ flags as possible. If your boat loses its flag, you are NOT out. There will be a prize awarded for the best Pillaging Pirate (the Pirate that collects the most flags), and the Last Pirate Standing (the last boat with its flag intact).


The race position point system is as written. In the event of a tie, winner will be decided by a random hat draw.

The basic hull construction rules will be enforced to ensure that no team has an unfair advantage in construction of the hull.  Any team violating the starting time or basic hull material construction will be disqualified.

Remember, this is an event intended to be fun for everyone! Please, by all means, plunder, pillage, and raid, but no cheating!

Grounds fees are good for: Thursday at 9 AM through Sunday at 6 PM sharp