The following members manual is designed answer questions and a general statement of policies that are not covered under the rules that each member or guest signs upon entering Northaven Resort


ATMOSPHERE: *You must be 21 years old or older to be a guest
*Illegal drugs are prohibited

*Marijuana (with or without permit) is prohibited anywhere on the resort property.

*Firearms (with or without permit) is prohibited.
*Do not go on members lots unless specifically invited
*Refrain from using foul or abusive language.
*Do not approach any employee with requests, private or personal.

BODY CONTACT: *We request that all body contact be limited to simple expressions of affection and friendship.

*Provocative conduct or sexual misconduct is not permitted.
*Touching (fondling) the breasts or genitals in public are prohibited.

PETS: *All pets must be kept on a leash, under control and quiet at all times.

No dogs should be brought to the bonfires, volleyball area, pavilion or especially the grass around the high traffic areas at the front of the camp. When walking your dog anywhere on the resort property, take a garbage bag with you to pick up any droppings left by your pet for a variety of reasons.

There are 18 acres of land immediately to the west of the resort between the camp and Antcliff Road. Remember that you can be seen from the road so NO NUDITY !

*In order to take any pictures, you must have a member of Northaven management with you during that time.

*All bags are subject to search.

As everyone is aware, we and all adult resorts have prohibitions regarding cameras. With the proliferation of a new generation of cell phones that include a camera, many folks have raised questions regarding their use in the resort. At the same time, we are well aware that well many of our members have children at home and work situations that require them to be easily reachable. Recognizing these two issues, we are starting a policy of requiring anyone with a phone to use it outside the store area when they are in the common areas by the pool, gazebo's and clubhouse areas.   We are not prohibiting phones, but request that you take them in front of the store where they will minimize the concern to others.


*Carry a towel with you at all times and please sit on the towel for sanitary reasons.
*Cover your bottoms when in the food serving lines during dinners.

POOL: When using the pool the following guidelines apply
*Glass is not permitted in pool area.
*Food is not permitted in pool area.
*Swim at your own risk. There are no life guards on duty.
*Running, diving or horseplay is not allowed in the pool area.
*Shower with soap each time you enter the pool.
*All ashtrays are the covered type and drinks are to be kept by tables and lounges, away from the edge of the pool.

*Northavenis not liable or responsible for the loss or theft of any valuables which you may bring upon the premises. Secure them in the locked trunk of your vehicle.

*Ifyou are not using the pool, remove your belongings so as to allow others to use the lounges in your absence.

*Please do not reserve tables in the clubhouse for late arrivals.
*Do not verbally harass, annoy or threaten any other member or guest.

SPEED LIMIT: *The speed limit is 10 MPH in all areas of the resort for both cars and carts.


CARTS: *All members golf carts MUST BE ELECTRIC, Gas golf carts are Northaven owned.

*All new golf carts are to be electric and approved for safe operation by Northaven Management prior to bringing them on the grounds for use. A copy of your cart insurance must be on file prior to operating your carts on the grounds. One person per seat on a golf cart. IF YOUR CART HAS ONE BENCH SEAT ONLY TWO RIDE ON A CART.

GUESTS: *Members who bring guests are responsible for their conduct and any fees or charges left unpaid.
*If a member sponsors a single person, they are responsible for the sponsored behavior after 6 PM and their membership could be in jeopardy based on the sponsored singleís behavior.

*All guests must register before entering the resort.

* No firearms are allowed on the Northaven Resort property at any time.

*We are a clothing optional resort. We believe the best way to attract newcomers is to allow them to ease into the nude environment at their own pace. Visitors usually decide quickly if they are comfortable with the nude lifestyle, and if not, will rarely return. During the term of your membership, and after termination, you are not permitted to disclose the name of any person who is or has been a member or guest of Northaven Resort to any non-member.


ASH TRAYS: *Please put all cigarette butts in covered ash trays at the pool.

DUMPSTATION: *A sanitary dump station is located in front of the bathhouse and is available for your use.

GARBAGE: *Please pick up your campsite and package all trash. Dispose of it in the container outside the main gate.

*Remember, when ever you are in view of the front gate, NO NUDITY!

I _________________________________ have read, understand and will fully abide by the guidelines and

( PRINT CLEARLY) philosophies of Northaven Resort Inc., during my entire stay.


Recently, there has been an ill advised opinion that the back and forth changes in the Michigan marijuana laws have relaxed the policy on drugs specifically the use of marijuana on Northaven Resort property. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Our policy prohibiting Marijuana (with or without a medical card) and any other illegal drug on the resort property has not changed in 20 years.

Recent March 2014 ruling:

Senate OKs Bill Letting Landlords Ban Medical Marijuana

March 5, 2014 6:19 AM

LANSING (AP) - Landlords would have greater authority to ban tenants from smoking or growing medical marijuana under a bill that passed the state Senate on Tuesday.

The bill would amend Michiganís 2008 voter-passed medical marijuana law to prohibit smoking or growing medical marijuana on private property if the property owner wonít allow it. The legislation also would ban smoking on private property that is open to the public.

It passed 31-7, surpassing the 29 votes needed to change a voter-approved law.

The law allows the possession, cultivation and use of limited amounts of marijuana for people suffering from debilitating conditions. It originally banned the use of medical marijuana in any public place, including on public transportation.

STILL listed on Schedule I of the Federal Controlled Substances Act

Since 1972, there have been numerous proposals in the United States to remove cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, the most tightly restricted category reserved for drugs which have "no currently accepted medical use". Rescheduling proponents argue that cannabis does not meet the Controlled Substances Act's strict criteria for placement in Schedule I, and therefore the government is required by law either to permit medical use or to remove the drug from federal control altogether. The government, on the other hand, maintains that cannabis is dangerous enough to merit Schedule I status.

Members are responsible for activity on their rental lot. If you are a member or a non-member daily or weekend guest, and you are on a members lot, DO NOT be upset if that member asks you to leave his lot if you erroneously think it is permitted to use , store or share the above substances anywhere on the Northaven Resort property. If a member allows or uses prohibited substances on their rental lot, their membership is at risk of being revoked immediately. If you have a medical condition that has prompted the issue of a Michigan Medical Marijuana Permit, treat that condition off of Northaven Resort property.


Larry and Velma Buckles