The following members manual is designed answer questions and a general statement of policies that are not covered under the rules that each member or guest signs upon entering Northaven Resort



We are happy to announce that even though the increased operating expenses continued to rise significantly in 2015, we will continue to maintain our goal to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our guests and members without increasing our membership fees and electric rates across the board. Although a few lot rents have been increased to the minimum for the 2016 season.

The undersigned hereby agrees to become a member of Northaven Resort, Inc. ("Resort"). In consideration of such membership, I understand that I will be afforded the right to use all resort facilities, including the exclusive use of your lot. Your membership requires your lot to be cleaned prior to opening weekend each season. If you are unable to clean your lot prior to opening weekend, the RESORT will clean the lot and assess a clean up fee not to exceed $100.

The membership fee for the initial membership term, which continues through the end of the current calendar year is $_______.  If I choose to renew my membership for any additional calendar years, it will be at the rate then established by the Resort. If I do not renew my membership by my membership due date, or the Resort, in its sole discretion does not agree to allow me to renew my membership, my membership will be deemed to be terminated, and I agree to remove any camper or other vehicle which I may have placed upon my assigned lot on or before my membership due date. I agree to receive no value or compensation for any fixed improvements that I have made to any lot.

By becoming a member, I agree to abide by all Resort Rules and Guidelines established from time to time by the Resort. If I violate these Rules and Guidelines, I understand that my membership may be terminated, and upon such termination, I will forfeit any unused portion of my membership fee.

I further agree that the terms and conditions of the Resort Rules and Guidelines shall survive the term of my membership, and I agree to be bound to such terms. I understand that by violating certain conditions and provisions contained in the Resort Rules, I may become liable to the Resort or other Resort members and guests who are third party beneficiaries to this agreement.

Please include a copy of your RV of Homeowners liability insurance to that includes your golf cart to operate it on the resort grounds with your membership payment.

Amount due by: $________   Please mail a copy of this signed agreement back with your payment.


Amount after due date: SEE LATE CHARGE POLICY BELOW

$50.00 per week charge ( or $7.00 per day) will be due PAYABLE WEEKLY.
Charge will NOT reduce your membership total dues owed or change your renewal date


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In past years, the small $100 late charge was sufficient to stimulate members prompt and full membership dues payment. This has not been the case the last few years.

Generating cash flow early in the year when over half of the memberships are due has been the key to overcoming the amount of revenue it takes to open the first half of each season. Prompt payment of dues and electric bills allows us to maintain the standards of quality we are proud of without raising all membership dues to make up for the late payments of the few and generate the cash flow we need to pay our bills.

Effectively immediately, the one time $100 late charge will now be replaced with the following policy:

Membership renewal fees are due upon your membership anniversary date each year as in the past. If your dues are not received on that date, a $50.00 per week charge ( or $7.00 per day) will be due PAYABLE WEEKLY (to help generate our needed cash flow) This per week charge will NOT reduce your membership total dues owed or change your renewal date! If the $50.00 per week charge goes more than two weeks unpaid, your unit must be removed from the assigned lot OR Northaven Resort will move your unit to a storage area on the property. You will then be responsible for any expenses Northaven Resort incurs for the movement of your property and daily storage charges for the unit in our storage area.

It has been said that if we had credit card payment options it would be easier to make payments. Unfortunately the addition costs for credit card services at Northaven Resort or to hire additional help to manage payment plans are not in our future. If you prefer to use a credit card, go to the bank and get a cash advance for your membership dues as it will be far more cost effective than paying this weekly fee to remain on your lot.

Larry and Velma Buckles