The following members manual is designed answer questions and a general statement of policies that are not covered under the rules that each member or guest signs upon entering Northaven Resort


After dark parties at members rental properties have been a tradition since Northaven Resort opened 20 years ago. It is an important part of the continued fun we enjoy all summer.

We have struggled over the years to peacefully coexist with both our visiting guests that keep a more mainstream sleep schedule as well as our resident neighbors outside the gates across the street and behind the resort property to the north.

We have worked hard to make sure the dances and events are within the legal, and potentially costly, decibel levels by keeping all night activities, such as karaoke and dances, inside the club house that has successfully contained the music and noise to acceptable levels so far.

Unfortunately, when music is introduced to an after party, it is virtually impossible to have it outside your unit without effecting others that do not share in your definition of fun. We know of no other campground or resort that does not restrict night time noise levels and we do not want to impose any ridged hours that all noise stop. We are not a KOA and feel that these firm rules are for juveniles that are short on common sense. When leaving the club house after a dance, try to keep your trip to a party or home reasonably civil, especially the loud profanity, as our neighbors have young children.

What we have always expected from our members is to respectfully honor some time tested policies of limiting all types of excessive noise and music after dark. Most of our camp neighbors are but a few feet away from each other and we trust that you will help remind your fellow members, respectfully, if their party options may become annoying and not in the spirit of these requests.

For all the “loop hole” advocates out there, it should be clear what we are talking about when it comes to noise policies above. If you are not sure, ask.