Week #21 – September 19th, 2020: Rodeo Weekend – Bull, Brew & Boobs


Event: Bonfire

Location: Firepit near the Gazebo

Time: 9 pm

Details: Come join us for a relaxing bonfire.  This is a great environment to spend time with friends or meet some new ones.  Bring your chair, your beverage of choice, and have a great time getting to know one another.


Event: The Ratchet Rodeo

Location: The Meadow

Time: 1 pm

Details: Time for the Hoes to get down.  Join us for the Rachet Rodeo where our mechanical bull will be spending some time between your legs.  Anything more than a hat and boots, and you’re overdressed. 

Event: Brews and Boobs

Location: Gazebo

Time: 3:30 pm

Details: Join this great group for a brews-around-the world tour.  Bring your favorite brew to share … oh yeah, we’ll need some boobs too!

Event: Dance (theme – COWBOY/GIRL)

Location: Hotel California Lounge

Time: 9 pm-1 am

Details: Giddy on up and spend the night dancing and socializing with the NHR gang.  As always, this is a BYOB event.  Don’t forget, you can pick up beer and wine in the Sexy Sundries General Store!  Bring your favorite beverage, your dancing shoes, and your best moves. 

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