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— Michigan's Premier 21+ Clothing-Optional RV Resort —


First Timers/FAQs

I’m a first-time visitor. What should I expect? 

Expect to have a blast!  What you will find at Northaven are the most exciting, adult-oriented daily activities and nightly entertainment.  This sets the perfect scene for adults to be adults, meet other guests, and enjoy a stress-free, safe environment where you decide where your limits will take you.  For the ultimate vacation, keep your mind open and unleash your imagination.  As we like to say, free your mind, the rest will follow.

After checking-in at the Sexy Sundries General Store, we will give you a tour of the resort and answer any questions.  If you have any specific concerns before arriving, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 866-2B-Naked.  The following are the most frequently asked questions:

2 B Naked? Do I have to be naked? 

It’s completely up to you.  We are an adult-only, gated, private, secure, clothing-optional resort.  This gives you the choice to decide your own comfort level.  We are proud to offer a relaxed, friendly, nonjudgmental atmosphere for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.  You are free to wander our beautiful grounds fully dressed, completely nude, or anywhere in between.

Is there general etiquette to follow?

Many of our weekend activities include a resort-wide dining gathering where we ask members to bring a dish to pass.  When food is being served, for the safety and hygiene of all, proper clothing is required.  This means your bottoms (front and rear) must be covered.  In the Sexy Sundries General Store, where beer and wine are sold, you must also cover your bottoms.  When you are naked, don’t forget to carry a towel to sit on in both the common areas and when visiting other members.  Trust us – they will appreciate it!

What are the basic behavioral guidelines? 

Disruptive behavior/activity includes any physical or verbal activity that is abusive or defames any member, guest, employee, or the resort.  No means no even if it began with yes.  Overt sexual behavior, or even the appearance of overt sexual behavior, is not permitted.  Gawking is not tolerated.  If anyone’s behavior offends you, please report it to the management immediately.  Any complaints will be addressed immediately.

When are check-in and check-out?

Guests can check onto the property and utilize all facilities at 9 am; however, rental lots and rental units are not guaranteed to be available until 4 pm.  In many cases, lots and units may be available as early as 12 noon.  Check-out is 12 noon.

What is your reservation/cancellation policy?
All reservations require payment in full at time of booking.  If canceling a reservation more than 14-days prior to arrival, you will receive a refund of all but $100.  The non-refundable portion of your payment may be used anytime during the next 12-months for a future reservation.  If canceling within 14-days of arrival, the $100 is non-refundable and forfeited.
Can I make a reservation last minute?
In a word, maybe.  Because we “sell-out” almost every weekend, you should plan to book at least three weeks (or more) prior to arrival. 

Do you have an age minimum?

Yes, Northaven Resort has a minimum age requirement of 21 years.

Are you couples only?

While we do have single people visit and use the facilities using our day pass program, our members are mostly couples.

What is the average age of guests?

We have guests of all ages, but the majority runs from 35 to 65.

Is discretion guaranteed?

We have very strict rules in place to protect the privacy of all resort visitors.  We take your privacy very seriously and will not provide any information about our members or guests.

When is the best time to visit Northaven?

Any time all summer long is good.  Peruse our calendar and you find the date and theme that works best for you, and book early as space is limited.

Is public sex allowed? 

Public sexual activity is not allowed.  If the mood hits, please take it to the privacy of your own accommodations.  Guest safety and comfort are of the upmost importance at Northaven. In all cases, NO means NO — there are no exceptions.  Making any guest feel uncomfortable, or any form of sexual harassment, will not be tolerated and will be grounds for removal from the resort.


Northaven is a BYOB establishment.  For your convenience, we have a wide selection of beer and wine for purchase at the Sexy Sundries General Store.

Is food available at the resort?

Sexy Sundries General Store is your source for typical convenience store items.  We also have BBQs around the resort.  All rental units include compact refrigerators, microwaves, and charcoal grills.  Also, the village of Brooklyn is only five minutes away and has restaurants, bars/pubs, a grocery store, and other shopping conveniences.

What are your office hours?

The Sexy Sundries General Store is open seven days a week to meet your needs.  Hours of operation are as follows:

Monday – Saturday: 8 am–6 pm

Sunday: 8 am–3 pm

If arriving after hours, it is very helpful if you call ahead so we can ensure you are greeted upon arrival.  Additionally, the after-hours telephone number is posted on the gate intercom to ensure a smooth check-in regardless of time.

What are the pool hours?

Our pool is open daily from 8 am–9 pm.  No lifeguard is on duty; swim at your own risk.

Is ice available?

Yes, we have ice available for purchase.

Is smoking allowed?  

Smoking is not allowed in any of our buildings or rental units.  For the comfort of all our guests, smoking is also prohibited while food is being served.  Please smoke only in designated smoking areas and dispose of cigarettes in the receptacles provided.

Can I take pictures or video during my stay? 

No!  Privacy is very important to many members and guests at Northaven.  Photography and video of any kind is strictly prohibited.  We offer a professional photographer on site; if you would like to utilize his services please contact us at 866-2B-NAKED to arrange a photo session.  Sorry, you’ll have to forget the selfies while visiting us.

My phone has a camera, can I use it at the resort?

Certainly, you can use your mobile phone at Northaven.  However, you may not use it to take pictures or videos at any time.  Additionally, you may not have a phone at the pool.  This is one of our biggest rules within the resort and the one that is the most often violated.  Please understand, we take this issue very seriously.  Repeated violations of this policy will result in removal from the resort.  Also, be aware that your cell coverage may range from very good in some areas to virtually non-existent in others. 

Are pets allowed?  

We allow pets, but they must always be leashed.  Sorry, but animals are not allowed in any building or rental unit.  Please don’t forget to clean up after your pet.

How do I get around the resort? 

Our roads are paved and easily walkable.  The most popular mode of transportation are electric golf carts (please note that gas carts are not permitted).  You can bring your own cart (with proof of insurance) or rent one during your stay.  If you are interested in renting a golf cart, mention it when making your reservation because they book fast.  The speed limit is 10 mph.

Are the employees friendly?

Our staff is a group of amazing people!  However, do NOT assume they are part of the clothing-optional lifestyle!  Northaven Resort instructs all its employees to treat each guest and member with dignity and respect regardless of their feelings about this lifestyle.  In return, we expect our guests and members to allow our employees to work without being subjected to their values, either in conversations or actions toward them.  Please do not proposition any employee during your visit.

Can I drive my car/truck in the resort?

You should only use your vehicle to go to and from your unit/lot – not to get around the resort.  Absolutely no vehicles should move around the grounds after 9 pm except to enter or leave the resort.

A side note:

Fireworks, illegal drugs, firearms, and/or weapons of any kind are not allowed in the resort.

The rules are simple and in everyone’s best interest.  Let’s not make it awkward.  Please respect others and our policies.